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Confidentiality: Please note that the details shared in this case study are kept confidential to protect the intellectual property and privacy of the project. The description provided offers a high-level overview of my role and responsibilities within the project while maintaining confidentiality.


Cyber Security




Cyber Security

Type of Work

Product Design

Project Overview: I had the opportunity to work on a confidential web app project for a cybersecurity company. The primary goal was to develop a minimum viable product (MVP) for an online platform that would serve as a comprehensive inventory system for IT assets and interactions within large organizations. As part of a team of product designers, product managers, and project managers, I played a key role in executing various aspects of the design process.

Research and UX Design: To kickstart the project, I conducted thorough research to understand user needs, industry trends, and competitive landscape. By gathering insights from our users, I was able to identify pain points and map out their requirements. This research formed the foundation for the subsequent UX design phase.

I collaborated with the team to create wireframes and user flows, defining the user journey and ensuring a smooth and intuitive experience.

User Interface (UI) Design: Working closely with product managers and stakeholders, I translated the UX concepts into a visually appealing and cohesive user interface design. This involved developing the overall visual style, including layout, typography, and color schemes, to establish a strong visual identity for the platform.

Design System: Recognizing the importance of consistency and scalability, I contributed to the development and maintenance of a design system or style guide for the web app. This system provided a centralized resource for the team, ensuring a unified design language and promoting efficiency in design and development processes.

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