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Health Records App

Confidentiality: Please note that the details shared in this case study are kept confidential to protect the intellectual property and privacy of the project. The description provided offers a high-level overview of my role and responsibilities within the project while maintaining confidentiality.


Health Records App





Type of Work

Product Design

As part of a dynamic product design team, I was brought on board with another product designer to create five key screens for an upcoming investor presentation. While the scope was limited to these specific screens, we followed the complete design life cycle to ensure a cohesive and user-centric experience.

Our first step involved creating UX flows to understand the user journey and identify the screens that would deliver the highest value to the application's functionality. This process enabled us to prioritize the most critical aspects and optimize the user experience accordingly.

After that, we proceeded to wireframing. This involved transforming the UX flows into visual representations of the app's interface.

This allowed us to fine-tune the layout, information hierarchy, and interactions, ensuring a seamless and intuitive user experience.

With a solid foundation, we developed high-resolution screens that adhered to the client's existing branding guidelines. While maintaining consistency with the brand's visual identity, we also took the opportunity to enhance the overall aesthetic by creating a comprehensive design system.

This design system facilitated future scalability and provided a consistent and visually appealing experience across the application.

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